Common Core Test Questions

Now that you know about our Common Core Assessment Workbooks, you’re probably wondering what kind of questions are actually in the workbooks. I mean, do you really want a series of multiple-choice questions to determine the entirety of your students’ abilities? Granted, these are easier to use for quick grades, but do they actually indicate student understanding?

First Grade Common Core Test Questions

We’ve developed grade-level appropriate measures for each standard. That means you’ll see less problems, larger text, simple directions, and that sort of things for grades K-2. You will find short writing exercises, matching, phonics, reading, and basic arithmetic assessments throughout these books. Grades 3-5 have more performance-based assessments or open-ended answer type activities where they are forced to indicate true understanding of the materials presented. What is also neat about many of these assessments is that they are reusable, as many are rubrics and forms to test with, rather than multiple choice or simple answers that don’t lend well to retesting.

Second Grade Common Core Test Questions

Some of the best examples of this are in our Writing Assessments, which have great rubrics that help students check off what is expected of their writing as they go. When you know how you are being graded, it is easier to accomplish what you must. Even in math, especially geometry, there are some performance-based assessments that require students to categorize, draw, create, and figure certain problems out.

Third Grade Common Core Test Questions

Don’t forget that each of these books has included progress reports and answer keys, too!

Take a test drive today with our Common Core Test Questions program! There are free previews for each grade level. And remember, our Common Core Assessments were developed BY teachers FOR teachers.

Common Core Test Questions

Common Core Test Questions

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